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3 Failproof Paint Secrets by Mi Young’s Interior Design Team

Many brokers and buyers ask me which paint colors I use for my listings. It is no secret that properly staging your home for sale will raise its value, and one key factor for my interior design team’s effective staging is to give the walls the perfect color.

My team usually paints rooms with neutral palettes and then adds pops of color and texture with accessories. Being strategic about your color scheme can evoke emotions in buyers that give them the “at-home” feeling they desire.


Here are 3 failproof paint secrets of my interior design team:

1. Best Neutral: Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170 (in flat finish)

This is one of our favorite go-to colors, because it is light and brightens up a space.

This flat-finish gray is also neutral and works as the best, selfless backdrop to any decor. In most staging situations, one must take care to not project a particularly strong and individualized flavor onto the interior: doing so could subtly and subconsciously discourage potential buyers from projecting their own lives into the space.

A neutral finish like this gray will not only serve as a good backdrop that welcomes others’ imaginations, but will also accentuate other staging accessories. That’s not to say that this is similar to plain white, which borders on being cold, sanitized, and evokes the feeling of an apartment rental.

We usually use this gray for interior walls of the living room, dining room, family room, and most bedrooms, because it compliments other colors very well.

2. Best Dramatic Neutral: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC-168

While still being a neutral color, the slightly bolder Chelsea Gray adds a sense of depth to rooms, which works perfectly if you’re trying to add a sense of dramatic scale to the volume of the space.

We recommend using this color for select, feature walls, instead of using it to cover

the entire room -- we much prefer this over bolder feature colors. This also makes

the perfect backdrop color for furniture pieces in larger rooms.

3. Best for Kids’ rooms: Benjamin Moore Gossamer Blue 2123-40

A gender-neutral blue, Gossamer Blue evokes a sense of serenity and peace without impressing a strong polarizing feeling on its viewers. We like to use this shade of blue in rooms that would otherwise seem disorderly -- in kids’ rooms, for example.

We like the healing and soothing properties of this color, and it goes well with other colors as well.


We will keep sharing our interior design secrets on this blog. See you next time!


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