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"Mi Young understands that your home is one of your largest assets and that you have created unique memories while living there. When she markets your home, she makes sure that your largest and most personal investment gets the time and marketing it deserves."


Marketing ultimately determines how fast your home sells and what price you end up receiving when you sell your home.  We have witnessed that successful marketing can increase the sale price of a home by $700,000.  

Based on the 10 key steps to successfully selling and getting the highest price for your home

Mi Young will approach selling your home with the following unique approaches.  

You will find that her combination of expertise in extensive online marketing, gained from Google,

in-house staging and interior design services, and pricing and negotiation strategy,

acquired from Stanford and UCLA Law, is among the best in Silicon Valley.

1. The Best Staging in Silicon Valley by an in-house interior designer

Mi Young uses her exclusive interior design and staging services to stage her listings.  Mi Young’s team is the best staging team in Silicon Valley and specializes in quickly transforming average spaces into jaw-dropping luxury homes that even the most discriminating upscale buyer will fall in love with.  


Mi Young has invested over $200,000 on her designer furniture and uses them only for her clients.  Mi Young's exclusive warehouse of stunning furniture, electic accessories, and original modern art enable her to create the perfect balance of style, authenticity, and "WOW" factor that lead to bidding wars and multiple offers.  We have constantly witnessed that homes that we staged have been sold for $130,000~$300,000 more than other comparable homes.  You can see examples on this page.  

2. Professional Photography

Mi Young hires two of the best professional photographers to capture the beauty of your home’s architecture

and lighting at no cost to you.  

There are many photographers available, but not all of them have experience in capturing the beauty of residential houses.  After having tested several photographers,

Mi Young has found two photographers who can produce the highest standards in method and technique,

customizing every shoot for the best results.

3. Professional 3D Virtual Walkthrough

Mi Young uses 3D imaging for her listings so that buyers have online access to a virtual walkthrough of your newly staged home.  Buyers can now see the full 360 degrees of the inside and outside of your home, as if they are physically there walking from room to room, all from the convenience of their computer or mobile device.

4. Professional Videography

Mi Young hires a professional videographer who can give

a detailed tour of each space to potential buyers.  

Videos can help buyers understand floor plans 

and the overall feel of the house. 

5. In-house graphic designer and print advertising

Mi Young's in-house graphic designer will  generate professional marketing materials for your home, including brochures that are handed out at open houses and ads for newspapers and magazines.  

The graphic designer will also create invitations to invite potential buyers (e.g. apartment renters)

to your open houses.  

6. Dedicated Website created by in-house web designer

For every home Mi Young sells, Mi Young's in-house

web designer sets up a dedicated website with a unique web address.  For example, if your address is 473 Jacobs, Palo Alto, the website address will be   The website will include important information about

the house, pictures, video, disclosures and a map.

7. Online Marketing

An overwhelming majority (92%) of recent home buyers in the United States used the Internet as an information source to find a property, but not many realtors know how to utilize comprehensive online marketing tools.  


Mi Young specialized in online marketing and advertising at Google, and she uses this unique expertise to market your home online at no cost to you.  She knows the most effective ways to find buyers online who are already interested in a home such as yours and to leverage this skill to showcase your home specifically to those people.  This unique approach gives your home the maximum amount of exposure worldwide and attracts a large number of buyers, making

the likelihood of multiple offers greater.  


Mi Young's online marketing approach to real estate is tailored to tech-savvy home buyers, and her goal is to ensure you get the highest price possible.

8. Open House Party

Mi Young's open houses are often called as "parties," because

many potential buyers visit her open houses and

enjoy their time there for a long time.  

When a property is first listed on the market,

it generates a very high level of interest from potential buyers and other realtors.  One of the best ways to market your home is to hold an extensive open house the first weekend it is on the market.  While some realtors hold open houses for only a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday,

Mi Young takes the following steps

on that first important weekend:

1. She holds open houses on Saturday and Sunday,

from noon to 5:00 p.m.

2. She hires a professional coffee barista to serve lattes,

mochas, and Italian sodas.


3. She hires a professional catering service to serve

delicious appetizers, lunch, and dessert.


4. She hires a valet parking service for homes that have

limited parking spaces (e.g. condos and townhomes). 


5. Depending on different characteristics of the homes,

She hires a jazz band, kids' party packages, waffle trucks, etc

to attract more potential buyers.  


Mi Young provides all of the services above at her expense.

Seller Advantages: Other Strageties

In addition to the marketing services provided above,

Mi Young also provides the following services for her clients

1.  Home Preparation

When potential buyers first enter your home, it makes a lasting first impression. Mi Young provides the following services to ensure your home makes a powerful and beautiful first impression:


1. Mi Young reviews your home’s current condition.  She wants to showcase the strengths of your home, fix any potential issues buyers might have, and customize her marketing plan specifically to your home’s needs.


2. Mi Young recommends repairs and improvements that have over 100% return on investment.  Her goal is to help you get the best price possible for your home. To do this, she recommends improvements that will get you a great return on your investment.  She usually does not recommend improvements that would cost too much; for example, remodeling your entire living room, kitchen, and bathroom 

would be too costly for you.  Examples of recommended repairs often include painting, landscaping, and cleaning flooring.  

Frequently, an investment of $5,000 to $10,000 will yield a return of as much as $25,000 to $50,000!


3. Mi Young recommends and oversees service providers.  She works closely with trusted contractors, painters, handymen, landscape people, and electricians, and she ensures that you get the best service at the best price.


4. Mi Young recommends inspections.  It is generally necessary to obtain a property and pest inspection for your home.  

She recommends which inspections she think are necessary and schedules the inspectors.



2. Pricing Your Home

When it comes to effectively pricing your home, the most important time is when it first goes on the market.  The chart on the left illustrates the level of excitement and interest in a new listing over time. When a property is first listed, it generates a very high level of interest from prospective buyers, which reduces dramatically over time.  

Mi Young considers the unique experience your home may offer, the current market conditions, and similar homes that were sold recently to make sure we price your home correctly from the beginning, during the peak of this curve.  Her background in economics at Stanford allows her to do a strategic analysis of your home’s pricing when we figure out its unique valuation.

3. Negotiation


Once your home has been expertly prepared and marketed, we will be in a position of power, with multiple offers coming in on your home. Mi Young's background in law and extensive training in negotiation at law firms will help you obtain the best deal possible when negotiating with your buyer.  


Mi Young understands and uses the real estate contract

as a tool to get the best results for you.



Real Estate Broker | Attorney 

Stanford B.A. | UCLA Law J.D.


(650) 468 - 0607




505 Hamilton Ave. Suite 100 

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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