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If you are like most people, purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you will make.  

It is my goal to ensure you receive the needed edge in this important process.  

I will help you proceed through each of the following steps comfortably and thoroughly.  

You should not be in a rush when you begin searching for your home.  

It is important to me that you are happy with your investment, so take the time you feel is appropriate.

1. Getting to Know the Neighborhoods
and the Conditions of the Market:
Custom Guidebook Just for You



First, it is important for me to understand what matters most to you and your family.  After I analyze your wants and needs, I will build a custom search model based on your criteria to create your custom guidebook.  I majored in economics at Stanford University, which allows me to analyze real estate market trends and statistical data and discover great deals for you.  Using the latest technology, I will share a wealth of data and analysis that illustrate the current conditions of the market and comparable properties located in your target area.  I will also create broad neighborhood search profiles and provide lists of target neighborhoods and related information (e.g., school districts, community).  You will be able to see which properties and neighborhoods suit your needs, which have the most potential for your appreciation, and what the fair prices for those properties are.

2. Getting Pre-Approval




Getting preapproved is one of the first things you should do because knowing how much of a loan you can get may help you determine how much you would like to spend on your new home.  In Silicon Valley, a preapproval letter is also a prerequisite for any offer to be seriously considered.  I will recommend several excellent mortgage brokers and help you choose the best mortgage-financing plan for your particular financial situation.  If any issues come up, I will work with your mortgage broker to resolve them.

3. Home Search and Reviewing Disclosures




I understand there are many homes out there and diving in without a guide can become overwhelming and confusing.  I will not only help you accurately pinpoint homes that fit your criteria but also help you carefully review the disclosures that the seller and listing agent provide.  The disclosures contain many important items including issues with the property (plumbing, electrical systems, the foundation, or the roof), issues with the title, and pest inspections.  We will review these important documents together to discuss any concerns.

4. Make an Offer


















If you decide to proceed after reviewing disclosures, we will draft an offer.  Because I have practiced as an attorney, I know how to use the purchase contract (your offer) as a tool to strengthen your offer.  Working as an attorney also allowed me to learn how to navigate all parties through an often difficult negotiation process and how to negotiate the best price and terms possible.  Ahead of time, I will also have spoken with the listing agent to understand the seller’s desires and see whether there are any items of great value to the seller that can be offered with little cost to you.  I will advise you on terms and issues of the offer and will fill out the purchase contract with you.

5. Escrow & Closing



Once the seller agrees to accept your offer, we enter the escrow period.  In Northern California, the title company acts as an escrow company, which becomes a neutral third-party intermediary between the buyer and seller.  During this period, the escrow company takes the buyer’s money in exchange for the seller’s property.  I will coordinate and supervise the preparation of all documents.  If you have a loan, as most home buyers do, I will work with your mortgage broker to make sure your loan proceeds come in on time.  I will also help you resolve last-minute issues and complete the transaction.

6. Post Closing
















The home is yours! 

Enjoy your new home, and keep me updated on any ways I can further assist you. I will send you a little champagne to celebrate on the first night!


Customized Plan for Buyers

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